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The widest tractor semi-trailers range in the market!


We are UAB Universe Group, a manufacturing and engineering company established in March 2010. The main activities of the company include the production of ŽEMAITUKAS tractor trailers, IMPLEMEX attachments for telescopic loaders, tractors, forestry loaders, excavators, CARRYPE peat harvesting and transport equipment, as well as manufacturing of other metal constructions, engineering solutions, export, sales, and service. Our clients in Lithuania include farmers, agricultural companies, construction companies, and companies trading in agricultural and construction machinery. When exporting ŽEMAITUKAS trailers to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, the UK, Croatia, Slovenia, and other countries, they are renamed to a name that is more understandable and memorable to foreigners, under our export brand – MUSTANG, while in Norway, under the trading name of our partner, Mork Maskin AS – GIGANT.

The Žemaitukas is one of the oldest domestic horse breeds in Europe, known since the 6th-7th century, bred in the territory of Lithuania. Since 2011, UAB Universe Group in Mažeikiai has been producing trailers sold to Lithuanian consumers under the brand name ŽEMAITUKAS. A wide range of models is available, including grain transport, universal-purpose, machinery transport, heavy-duty, peat transport trailers, platform boxes, and bale trailers.

As the demand for trailers and attachments increased, and with the decision of shareholders, in 2012, the Universe Group production workshop was opened in Mažeikiai. Initially, in a 1000 m2 production space, only attachments for tractors, excavators, and telescopic loaders were manufactured, but by the end of 2013, after strengthening the team of designers and engineers and investing in production equipment, the manufacture of trailers also commenced. Market demand and the production of high-quality goods led to an increase in both the number of employees and the volume of products manufactured each year. Currently, the production area exceeds 3,000 square meters, with about 40 employees. In 2024, we produced over 3,500 trailers and more than 3,000 attachments, along with many other products. The majority of our production is exported to Scandinavian countries, with Norway being the main market where, thanks to our trading partner Mork Maskin AS, for several years in a row (based on official trailer registration statistics), we have maintained the highest sales positions: 6th place in 2019, 4th in 2020, and 1st in 2021 and 2022, selling the most trailers manufactured by Universe Group in Mažeikiai, branded ŽEMAITUKAS to Norwegian consumers under the name GIGANT.

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