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CARRYPE DP3-25 peat transport semi-trailer with a unique design and rear tipping. The standard 25m³ body (capacity can be increased to 32m³ with additional boards if required) and 12 wheels with 1.1m wide rubber tracks reinforced with HARDOX belts allow efficient transport and, thanks to the large 77-degree tipping angle, discharge both dry and wet peat. Thanks to the hydraulic drawbar, the towed semi-trailer overcomes resistances and unevenness more easily, especially when it starts to fall into the peat – the hydraulic drawbar redistributes the center of gravity, presses the rear of the tractor, helps the trailer to get out of the pit. The wide tracks enable the trailer to work in peatlands with a viscous surface, as the pressure of the loaded standard capacity trailer with a load on the gravel is only 0.38 kg / cm². Peat transport semitrailers CARRYPE VIDEO channel.

Type Biomass transport trailer CARRYPE
Model DP3-25
Technical payload 15 000 kg
Technical load on the drawbar up to 1 000 kg
Trailer weight about 6 000 kg
Towing eyelet height 320-830 mm from ground
Body length 5 250 mm inside
Total length 7 000 mm from towing eyelet to the rear
Body width 3 400 mm inside
Total width 3 600 mm
Body height 1 610 mm inside
Tipping height 6 380 mm
Bendras aukštis 2 945 mm
Volume about 25 m³
Ground pressure about 0,37 kg/cm2
Metal thickness 3 mm sides / 4 mm floor
Tipping angle to rear 77,2⁰
Cylinder capacity 27 700 kg start tipping capacity
Recuired oil 26 l
Number of axles 3
Driving speed 25 km / h

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