Digger range

Digger range

Project Description


MUSTANG excavator dump trailer MD-X line is designed for profesional trailer use with wheel excavators or loaders when performing construction, road or landscaping work: to transport bulk, heavy load, construction materials, equipment, tools or excavator implements from / to the work or unloading site. Excavator dumpers MUSTANG have exceptional features, the highest quality and competitive prices, adapted to work with a wheeled excavator or loader. The side-turning drawbar, its variable length gives the semi-trailers of this line more options, versatility, suitability for various aplications. When picking up bulk materials from the body with a bucket, the user will definitely appreciate the distinctive feature of this line of trailers – the convex front panel created by Universe Group: it is very convenient to pull a full bucket efficiently and quickly without spilling the load.

Excavator line semi-trailers manufactured by Universe Group are in high demand due to their structural strength, technical solutions, durability, quality and competetyve prices. Choose the best excavator semi-trailer on the market MUSTANG!


The MUSTANG range of excavator dumpers includes two single-axle models MD-50X and MD80X. The advantages of these compact trailers: short, wide body design allows easy maneuvering; thanks to the convex front side – it is especially convenient to grab bulk cargo with a bucket; big volume and lifting capacity; extendable length and turn to sides drawbar does not prevent the excavator from digging work and at the same time the trailer is nearby, moving together with the excavator.

the REAR 

As usually, wheel diggers does not have enough hydraulic couplings, it is enough only for the main tipping cylinder. The hydraulic Flip Back Lock at the rear is closed and opened by a special system AutoFlipa designed by Universe Group. No additional hydraulic connections are required from the excavator, and the Flip Back Lock opens when the load is unloaded and closes when the body is lowered down.

Model MD50X MD80X MD90X MD100X
Declarated payload 5 000 kg 8 000 kg 9 000 kg 10 000 kg
Technical payload 6 000 kg 8 150 kg 9 000 kg 10 800 kg
Self weight 1 800 kg 2 650 kg 3 000 kg 3 200 kg
Gross weight 8 500 kg 10 800 kg 12 000 kg 14 00 kg
Load on drawbar 1 000 kg 1 000 kg 1 000 kg 1 000 kg
Technical axles load 7 500 kg 9 800 kg 11 000 kg 13 000 kg
Towing eyelet height 610 mm 470-590 mm 470-590 mm 470-590 mm
Body dimensions 2 980 x  1 910 x 500 mm 3 506 x 2328 x 687(488) mm 3 700 x 2 402 x 500 mm 4 000 x 2 402 x 500 mm
Total width 2 050 mm 2 505 mm 2 540 mm 2 540 mm
Total height 1 430 mm 1 670 mm 1 585 mm 1 610 mm
Total length 4 735 mm 5 385 mm 5 570 mm 5 870 mm
Capacity 2,84 m³ 4,4 m³ 4,45 m³ 4,8 m³
Tipping angle 50° 55° 55° 55°
TIpping cylinder capacity 10 700 kg 16 100 kg 18 200 kg 22 400 kg
Required amount of oil 21 l
Number of axles 1 1 2 2
Alowed driving speed 40 km/h 40 km/h 40 km/h 40 km/h



Axles with  drum brakes


Hydraulic brakes as standard. Parking brake. Models MD-90X and MD-100X are with axles and Load Sensing Valve for hydraulic brakes.

Žemaitukas MD-60 sunkių krovinių puspriekabė Universe Group

Fixed drawabar


Wheel chocks


Swivel towing eyelet (50 Ø) bolted on to the towing eyelet mounting plate by 12 bolts. Ball eyelet K-80 is available on request.


Sides – 5 mm HARDOX 500 Tuf , Floor – 7 mm HARDOX 500 Tuf as standard. Side support – from S355.


Cargo attaching Hooks  in front, middle and rear of the body (6 units).


Rounded front side (from HARDOX)

MUSTANG MD-60 heavy duty dump trailer for sand

Hydraulic Flip back lock with automatic opening and closing system AutoFlipa.

Žemaitukas MD-60 sunkių krovinių puspriekabė Universe Group

Metal tool and rope straps box

Žemaitukas MD-60 sunkių krovinių puspriekabė Universe Group

Telescopic (with pin) support leg (mounted on drawbar side)


Rear  bumper.


Wheels – 500/50×17″ or similar on request.

MUSTANG MD-60 heavy duty dump trailer for sand

S45 type bracket in front of box

Žemaitukas MD-60 sunkių krovinių puspriekabė Universe Group

12/24V LED Tail Lights, side marking reflectors

TK2,2 Boltable Fixed towing eyelet (Scharmuller, 50 Ø, 4000 kg)
TK4,1 Boltable Ball towing eyelet, (Scharmuller,  K-80, 4000-6000 kg)
PP9 Holder for brush and shavel
PP14 Metal tool and rope straps box (lockable)
PP14,5 Stainless steel tool and rope straps box
PP31 Plastic tank for water and liquid soap
AK3 Support leg – hydraulic

Do not hesitate to contact us if  You would like to discuss your particular needs or get more information about MUSTANG digger range MD-X line. We will be glad to assist You.

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