ML-F type Lowbeds

ML-F type Lowbeds

Project Description

MUSTANG Lowbed ML-F Type Trailer for Forest Machinery Transportation

The lowbed ML-F type transport trailers MUSTANG are designed for transporting forestry machinery. The platforms with wheel recesses are suitable for transporting tall and wide forestry harvesters or transport machines. The reliable design and well-thought-out technical solutions provide these trailers with stability and safety: the lowbed trailer is lower, thus its center of gravity is closer to the ground. This ensures better stability when transporting heavy and large forestry machines, reducing the risk of tipping over. Due to the low platform height, the lowbed trailer allows for easier loading and unloading of large and heavy equipment. This is especially beneficial for forestry machinery, which can be challenging to transfer using standard trailers. The trailer’s design allows for more efficient weight distribution and reduces road load. This can lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and operational costs. The MUSTANG ML-F type lowbed trailers are the ideal choice for transporting forestry harvesters, ensuring safety, efficiency, and economic benefits.


tralas mustang zemaitukas ideklas

Special wheel decks for forestry machinery wheels. Can be covered with an insert.

ideklas gale mustang zemaitukas lowbed

Additional removable inserts at the rear – for easier loading of forestry machinery.


Ability to transport wide and tall forestry machinery.

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Construction, hydraulics, axles protected from mechanical damage


By installing additional metal structures/inserts in the wheel decks, the trailer can be used as a flatbed platform for transporting cargo or other types of machinery.

Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Model ML-290W ML-300F
Declarated payload 29 000 kg 29 000 kg
Technical payload  28 500 kg 28 500 kg
Self weight 6 500 kg 5 500 kg
Gross weight 35 000 kg 35 500 kg
Load on drawbar 3 500 kg 4 000 kg
Technical axles load 31 500 kg 31 500 kg
Towing eyelet height 470-590 mm 470-590 mm
Length of flat floor 8 550 mm 10 000 mm
Total floor and beaver tail length 9 750 mm 10 000 mm
Total length  11 250 mm 12 000 mm
Floor width 2 550 mm 2 550 mm
Total width with outrigers 3 000 mm 3 000 mm
Floor hight from the ground 913 mm
Wooden floor bricks 40 x 200 mm 40 x 200 mm
Number of axles 3 3
Driving speed 40 40


Mustang_Dumper_MD axle, suspension, big ADR axle, BPW axles

Axles with drum brakes 300×160 mm, 10 stud, 100 x 100 mm sq. beam

MUSTANG MD-60 heavy duty dump trailer for sand

Standard brakes – Hydraulic, but Air or a dual Air and Hydraulic brake system can also be installed. The Air brake system comes with a load valve. Depending on the weight of the load, the load valve increases or decreases the braking power, making the brakes more economical and efficient, and saving tires and brake parts. An additional feature – ABS braking system.

Spring suspension of Mustang lowbed Gigant Lowbed Mustang Lowbed Zemaitukas Priekaba ML-110 235

Multi-spring 36 t suspension (1 350 mm between axles)

drawbar of mustang vagn Gigant Lowbed Mustang Lowbed Zemaitukas Priekaba ML-110 12

Fixed drawbar – strong and relaible design

Tempimo kilap, towing eyelet, ML platform, tractor trailer1

Towing eyelet mounting plate – 4 towing eyelet mounting positions: 470-510-550-590 mm form the ground. Available choise of bolt on towing eyelets: Swivel, Fixed or Ball K-80 type.

Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Hidraulic ramps with single acting cylinders, direct control from the tractor. Preassure adjusting valve as standard.

Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Platform  width extension brackets – outrigers.  Simple mounting on to the trailer sides. Wooden bricks are mounted (bolted on) on top of Outrigers extends trailer width up to 3000mm.

Mustang low bed platform trailer with low decks for forest machinery ML F Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Durbar frame construction with wheel decks for  wide and high forestry machinery wheels.

Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Covered toolboxes for chains, belts.

MUSTANG MD-60 heavy duty dump trailer for sand

Hydraulic hose and brake bracket

Žemaitukas žemagrindė platforma ML F - tralas skirti miško technikai

Additional option – extra  construction to cover the wheel deck.

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Option to install Front Manual Ramps for easier loading and unloading of forestry machinery.

istraukimas praplatinamos lemps, ml, transportavimo platforma, tralas, platform

Extendable (side) front and rear position lamps

Outriger place mustang vagn Gigant Lowbed Mustang Lowbed Zemaitukas Priekaba ML-110 12

Cargo fixing points

front side welded, priekkne prisukta sienele, ml, platform

Fixed (non-removable) sideboard

Gigant Lowbed Mustang Lowbed Zemaitukas Priekaba ML-110 6

Parking leg is mounted under the drawbar. Optionally, a Manual jack or a Hydraulic support leg can be installed.

Dubliuoti ratai, double tires, ml platform1

235 / 75R17.5 “Double Tires (Width – 235mm)

hydraulisk rampen po maskin vagn Gigant Lowbed Mustang Lowbed Zemaitukas Priekaba ML-110 15

12/24 V LED rear lights, extendable side marking lights, license plate illumination, and side marking-reflector lights. Additionally, installation of  LED work area lights at the front and rear is available.

OSB2 Air brakes without LSV
OSB Air brakes with LSV
DBB Double air and hydraulic brakes
LSV1 LSV for hydraulic brakes
ASA1 Auto slacajesters
ABS ABS brake system for air brakes
KP2 4 position towing eyelet mounting plate
TK2,2 Boltable fixed towing eyelet (Scharmuller, 50 Ø, 4000 kg)
TK3,2 Boltable swivel towing eyelet (Scharmuller, 50 Ø, 3500 kg)
TK4,1 Boltable ball towing eyelet, (Scharmuller,  K-80, 4000-6000 kg)
PP30 Central greasing system (mechanical)
LTPP5 Wooden surface made of oak boards 40 x 200 mm
LTPP18 Platform extension rear / triangular liner
AK2 Hand brake
AK3 Hydraulic support leg
GK Rear towing eyelet (Orlandi)
GJ Electrical and brake connections at the rear
SP3 Color on request

Do not hesitate to contact us if You would like to discuss your particular needs or get more information about MUSTANG lowbed trailer ML-F line. We will be glad to assist You.


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