Bulk line Z

Project Description

MUSTANG trailers Z line – for transporting grain, silage and other bulk cargo.

Tractor trailers MUSTANG are made to transport bulk materials. Grain trailer MUSTANG has exceptional features, top quality and competitive prices. These trailers have a large capacity, the ability to drive long distances from field to storages.

There are several trailers in Z-line range, offering models with loading capacity of 18 to 44 cubic meters, and a payload from 14 to 22 tone.

Semi-circular body shape is designed in cone shape to increase capacity and body strength with less weigth.

One of the most important components in trailer is the tires! Tire widths, load capacities should be appropriate to your type of work, transport speed and driving surface.

The tailgate opens up over the body – you can easily dump heavily clogged cargo – green mass, silage.

Trailer colour – We will paint the trailer in any colour of your choise free of charge. You can choose from a wide range of colours: black, black ‘metallic’, yellow JCB / VOLVO / CAT, blue NEW HOLLAND, green FEND / JOHN DEER, orange, red, silver, gray VOLVO / LIEBHERR / Massey Ferguson, New VALTRA red / SILVER, White, Hitachi Orange and other.

Type Grain Trailer ‘MUSTANG’ Z-14 Z-16 Z-19 Z-20S Z-22
Technical payload kg 14000 16000 19000 20000 22000
Tech. weight on drawbar kg 3000 3500 3500 3500 3500
Towing eyelet height mm from the ground 470 470 470-550 370-610 370-610
Body length inside (mm) 4560 5500 6900 7100 7500
Total length from towing eyelet to the rear (mm) 6200 7180 8700 8800 9500
Body width inside front (mm) 2200 2200 2100 2200 2200
inside rear (mm) 2200 2200 2250 2300 2300
Total width (mm) 2550 2550 2550 2550 2550
Body heigth inside (mm) 1800 1500 1500 1500 1500
Height when tipping without extension sides (mm) 5720 6325 7620 7750 8220
Total height (with standard wheels) without extension sides (mm) 3020 2670 2865 3020 3020
with 300 mm metal extension sides (mm) 2980 3170 3320 3320
with 500 mm mesh extension sides for silage (mm) 3520 3180 3370 3520 3520
with 1000 mm mesh extension sides for silage (mm) 3700 3900 4020 4020
Capacity standard (m³) 19,3 20 24 25 28
with 300 mm metal extension sides (m³) 23 28 29 33
with 500 mm mesh extension sides for silage(m³) 24,3 26 31 33 36
with 1000 mm mesh extension sides for silage(m³) 32 38 40 44
Steel thickness sides/floor 3 / 3 4 / 4 4 / 4 4 / 4 4 / 4
Tipping angle to rear 52° 58° 58° 60° 56°
Cylinder power first stage (t) 22400 29700 37900 38000 49400
Required amount of oil l 17 24 40 43 45
Number of axles units 2 2 2 2 3
Allowed speed till km/h 40 40 40 40 40



Drum brake axles with ABS sensors.


Air brake system with load sensing valve. Depending on the weight of the load, the load valve increases or decreases the brake power, making it more economical and efficient to use the brakes, save tires, brake parts. Also available Hydraulic or Dual – combination of Air and Hydraulic brake systems can be installed. 


Multileaf spring suspension. Stable and comfortable chassis.


Security valve –  Protection of the rear door of the trailer against accidental or spontaneous opening. The hydraulic rear door opens only when the trailer body is slightly lifted.


Multi-stage single main tipping cylinder – Italian market leader for the best quality Di Natale – Bertelli cylinders: has a long life service, durability, resistance to abrasion and overload.

Zemaitukas grudu priekaba grain trailer lowbed tralas Terksles pusiau automatines

Semi-Automatic slack adjusters. With brake pads worn, it is easy to increase pad pressures and easily adjust brake power. Automatic slack adjusters are available on request.


Drawbar with spring suspension – for increased safety, comfort, tensile loads and shorter stopping distance. Standard on models Z-16 and Z19.


Hydraulic door with rubber seal – (rubber seal is fixed to hydraulic door that in filling out cargo it not damage the rubber. Hydraulic door cylinders close door with big strengh and body is very hermetic).


Sides and flour thickness is 4mm, the shape of the body is made so it would be lighter but strong, no need to add on additional reinforcement side posts or thicker steel plate.


Plastic mudguards (2 units)


Rubber mudguards in front


Hooks for covering tent


Removable rear bumper. Brackets for removable rear bumper


Access platform in front of the box

universe group, zemaitukas, grudu priekaba, grudu puspriekabe, mustang trailers, bulk trailers, side protection 1

Side protection barrier (bicycle protection)


Rear towing hitch

Grudu liukas, zemaitukas, grain trailer, universe group, grudu priekaba

Grain shoot on the rear door


Cover roll sheet – easy to close and open

12V elektros sistema, puspriekabe, grudu priekaba, trailer

12V Tail Lights, license plate illumination and side marking lights

500 50 R22.5 Nokain padangos

Wheels – NOKIAN 


Window in front of the body

Ladder in front of the body and inside

RT5,10 NOKIAN 500/60R22.5″ 
RT6,1 NOKIAN 600/50R22.5″ 
RT6,2 NOKIAN 650/50R22.5″
RT7 NOKIAN 710/35R22.5″ 
A10,5 Self steering axle (drum 420×180 brakes, 150×150 box, 10 studs)
ASA1 Automatic slack adjusters
ABS ABS brake system
AK3 Hydraulic support leg
GR3 Drawbar with hydraulic suspension
TK2,2 Boltable fixed towing eyelet (Scharmuller, 50 Ø, 3000 kg)
TK3,2 Boltable swivel towing eyelet (Scharmuller, 50 Ø, 3000 kg)
TK4,1 Boltable ball towing eyelet, (Scharmuller,  K-80, 4000-6000 kg)
PB1 Extension sides for silage (500 mm height, mesh)
PB3 Extension sides for silage (metal mesh, 500 mm height)
PB4 Extension sides for silage (metal mesh, 1000 mm height)
PP1,6 Quick-lowering body down system
PP1,4 Additional hydraulic connections in the rear (1 pair)
GD6.1 Screw conveyor (capacity 25t/h)
GD6.2 Screw conveyor (capacity 35t/h)
PP13,1 Plastic fenders (quarter, aditional 2 units on each side)
PP14 Metal tool and rope straps box  (lockable)
PP14,4 Stainless steel tool and rope straps box  (lockable)
ES5,1 10-30V LED lights (auto on/off) to illuminate the front work space (modelis AR1028)
GJ Brake and electric connections in the rear
SP3 Body colour on request

Do not hesitate to contact us if You would like to discuss your particular needs or get more information about MUSTANG grain trailers Z line. We will be glad to assist You.

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