BT – 100 trailer for yacht

Project Description


Tractor semi-trailer MUSTANG BT is intended for special cargo transportation of small yachts and boats. It is a specially designed semi-trailer with technical solutions that allow the mounted yachts or boats to be mounted on the chassis and transported safely. Foldable, adjustable angle and length brackets fit the bottom of the yacht, the yacht is placed in the storage location. Wide chassis, low wheels, and long semi-trailer construction allow stable transport of cargo. With the addition of stabilization supports, the MUSTANG BT semi-trailer can also be used as a yachts stand onshore, during winter or off-season.


Although at first glance it seems to be just a simple frame, the construction is designed to transport small boats and yachts safely and stably. This semi-trailer solves the issue of yacht transportation very easily, then convenient to use in ports or yacht storage areas.

Model BT-100
Declarated payload 10 000 kg
Tech. weight on drawbar 1 000 kg
Towing eyelet height 470 mm
Technical gross weight 1 800 kg
Technical weight on axels 13 000 kg
Technical gross weight 8 800 kg
Frame length 6 000 mm
Drawbar length 5 000 mm
Total length 12 000 mm
Frame width 2 550 mm
Axles 2 vnt.
Brakes Hydraulic or air brakes
Driving speed 25 km/val
Price: Request

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